When we have a strong desire from the heart

The whole universe will work together to make it happen, sure makes everything else possible

Who I Am

Rinandha, born in Jayapura and educated in various cities in Indonesia, this is what makes Rinandha mastered almost all the dialects in Indonesia. friendly, good-humored and confident makes it easy to build a friendship. ability to speak in different dialects, and her interest in communicating as well as her mastery of the English language makes Rinandha won many achievements in various events such as speech and debate competitions

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What I Do

Being an MC is pretty heavy duty as required to create an atmosphere that is always alive and vibrant and make the event on the track. with her experience that has been passed for 10 years as host, Rinandha able to package it all into a harmony that is aligned. gathering one by one word into sentences and sentences into one by one phrase that will make the audience stay focused coupled with her fresh jokes. automated in this way the essence of the event or message will be conveyed clearly.

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